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Håkon Noodt

Screenwriter   Storyproducer   Editor

Showreel 1986-2015

Postproducer & Editor




In 1989, Kermit the Frog served as spokesfrog for the Better World Society. 

Production Assistant, my first job in the film industry - nostalgic vhs quality.

Link: Kermit speaks for Better World Society




The "U" trademark set a new tradition in the making of TV in Norway. 

In 1991 the pictures suddenly appeared oddly framed and cutting was swift and hard. 

The "U" logo transformed into 158 programs under this specific vignette. 

Several subcategories were developed - documentary-series, single documentaries, 

drama-series, reality-series and experimental formats. After 12 years, 22 seasons 

and 852 different "U" television broadcasts, the "U" was laid to rest.

U vignette & interview with James Hetfield

Numerous directors & contributors: U Wikipedia

I was a co-creator of several of the "U" formats in the years 1992-1998, 

and cut about 140 x 30 mins'.  




Docutainment series broadcast in two seasons i 1998-1999. 

NRKs first production with tiny DV-cameras. We traveled around the globe 

to portray common people with strange stories in weird places. 

Directors: Terje Nilsen, Torbjørn Morvik, Håkon Noodt

Host & producer: Petter Nome

16 x 40 mins'


Monti Rocks Vegas

Monti Rock, the DJ in Saturday Night Fever                    Photos: Håkon Noodt


Petter Nome, Monti Rock, Terje Nilsen 


Makah Indians vs. Paul Watson


                                                                   Paul Watson screendump    



                                                                                                             Photo: HN


Dykes on Bikes   


                                                               Photos: Flickr and Creative Commons




Drama series

"Det Tredje Tegnet", aka "La Rédemptrice" was broadcast in 

France, Germany, Czech Republic, Wales and Norway in 2002. 

Co-production ARTE France and NRK Norway.

Creators: Terje Nilsen, Margrete Kåset and Håkon Noodt

Writers: Arne Berggren & Sverre Knudsen

Head writer: Håkon Noodt

6 x 30 mins'



Documentary film - diversity amongst NYC inhabitants after 9/11.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound design & Mix: Håkon Noodt
Director-producer Petter Nome
40 mins'



How to bring a sailboat to the North Pole?

NRK / Moment TV

6 x 30 mins'

Host and responsible for footage, Jarle Andhøy

Postproduced & edited by Kaare Skard & Håkon Noodt




Documentary series

Tells the story of a drug addicted couple struggle for daily needs, 

and how the groom spend endless nights in the streets of Oslo begging for money 

in order to give his loved one a wedding in Oslo's biggest cathedral. 

Made by Are Faaberg & Håkon Noodt

6 x 30 mins'



Drama series

Directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg and Eva Isaksen

Produced by Tore Bergstrøm

Screenplay by Ivar Køhn, Siv Rajendram Eliassen, Ståle Stein Berg

Cinematography by John Christian Rosenlund

Edited by Anne Andressen 3 x 58 mins'

Edited by Håkon Noodt 3 x 58 mins'


Animated talkshow in two seasons

Director and music score, Rune Nilsson
Art direction Mattis Folkestad
Animation by Øyvind Tangseth, Siv Nordsveen, Pil Cappelen Smith, 
Kristoffer Drageset, Espen Ellingsen og Siren Halvorsen
Written by Rune Nilsson, Ingrid Gjessing Linhave, 
Vidar Magnussen, Lasse Nederhoed and many more.
Script-editor & mentor Håkon Noodt
Producer Marius Hoel




Documentary series

Bård Tufte Johansen visits grand soccer matches with traditional rivalry,

and one that even lead to a war between Honduras and El Salvador in 1969.


Directed by Joachim Førsund

2nd episode: Kaizer Chiefs vs. Orlando Pirates

Edited by Håkon Noodt 





Alligator Film

Directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg

Produced by Jan Aksel Angeltvedt

Screenplay by Christopher Grøndahl

Cinematography by Jakob Ihre

Edited by Frida Eggum Michaelsen

Editor (re-cut) Håkon Noodt




                   Whatever you do,  

                                            do it well

                                                                 - Walt Disney


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